Meaning of shawled in English:



See shawl

‘During the nineteenth century the shawl was found by many women to be a cheaper substitute for the cloak and even today older rural women might be shawled.’
  • ‘But I see them as human and architectural elements in a landscape of devastation: shawled women and broken pillars, against early daylight, as with the Christ figure in Piero's Resurrection.’
  • ‘Elsewhere, a determined woman, shawled and barefoot, stands at the prow of a ship.’
  • ‘The bus is overcrowded and people sit on the roof, shawled against the wind as they pass through an ethereally green landscape in Jehanabad; a rainbow arches across the sky in an ambiguous gesture of covenant.’
  • ‘Too often, his plays have been turned into heritage drama, with daft, capering comics and saggy, tragically shawled women.’