Meaning of shearers' ball in English:

shearers' ball


  • An annual dance marking the end of the shearing season in a particular area.

    ‘the shearers' ball became one of the highlights of the social calendar’
    • ‘When the clip is near completion, then they hold the shearer's ball.’
    • ‘She agrees to meet him at the Shearer's Ball, to discuss the matter.’
    • ‘When the men came back, there was a Shearers' Ball.’
    • ‘We're giving a shearers' ball, and there's nobody can play like him.’
    • ‘If you took her to a shearers' ball, don't reckon you'd find a mug'd take her off your hands.’
    • ‘It isn't a shearers' ball but what can you expect from a woman that keeps open house?’
    • ‘The Shearers' Balls were organised by pastoralists for both their workers and the local community.’
    • ‘The shearers' balls, once the glory of every big woolshed, lapsed after the strike of the 1890s.’
    • ‘He had been the ugly duckling at shearers' balls, always sitting out dances.’
    • ‘The Shearers' Ball lasted a week and was talked about, justifiably, for all the next year.’