Meaning of sheathlike in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃiːθlʌɪk/


  • Resembling or characteristic of a sheath, especially in being narrow and close-fitting.

    ‘a long, flowing sheathlike gown’
    • ‘This layer, being somewhat strong and sheath-like, also provides some structural support.’
    • ‘The leaves, like those of adults, had sheath-like bases covering younger leaves.’
    • ‘Her studio was overflowing with works of all kinds: introspective figurative paintings, dark, sheath-like leather sculptures and photomontage works.’
    • ‘Four girls in sheath-like corsets and four bare-chested men in black belted skirts enact a series of skirmishes.’
    • ‘Short, sheath-like dresses in bright colors were paired with quilting, leather and touches of fur.’
    • ‘Dr. Rolf developed a theory that the body's aches and pains arose from basic imbalances among muscles and fascia - the sheath-like connective tissue that surrounds and binds muscles together.’
    • ‘Not since the blackouts of 2003 were the sheath-like towers of the city's iconic skyline etched in such deep black, as opposed to their customary high-wattage glitter.’
    • ‘Wearing only an open, sheathlike black cloak, the actress holds an extravagantly long chain of flowers that trails awkwardly alongside her.’
    • ‘It features a prominent partial veil which covers the young gills and later forms a sheathlike covering on the lower stem, with the upper edge flaring outward to form a ring.’