Meaning of sheep dip in English:

sheep dip


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mass noun
  • 1A liquid preparation used to rid sheep of external parasites.

    ‘Everybody needs to be aware of the effects organophosphates used in pesticides and sheep dip can have on people's health.’
    • ‘A good Wensleydale coat is not as simple as a good cut - there are plenty of closely guarded methods of achieving perfection - hardness of water, composition of sheep dip.’
    • ‘He says the black market in organophosphates sprang up following the ban on such chemicals being used in sheep dip.’
    • ‘She explained that samples found in the locality contained synthetic pyrethroid, a chemical contained in sheep dip.’
    • ‘In fact, I have had plenty of dieldren and aldrin sprayed all over me because they are the active ingredients in sheep dip.’
    • ‘Thrillers tread a narrow line between clear blue water and sheep dip.’
    • ‘Pollution from sheep dip is a national problem but in Cumbria prevention is especially vital because of the risk to the white-clawed crayfish.’
    • ‘But he said that under the changes the minister was proposing farmers would have to get a vet prescription for items such as wormers, lice treatments, sheep dip and vaccines.’
    • ‘Public health experts are investigating claims that hundreds of farmers have switched to a highly toxic crop chemical to cut costs on sheep dip.’
    • ‘This can be caused by anything such as acid rain, pollution, sheep dip getting in, anything.’
    • ‘In 1999, over two million tonnes of sheep dip were disposed of in the soil.’
    • ‘Different forms of the enzyme paraoxonase have varying ability to detoxify sheep dip.’
    • ‘It was not until the 1990s, when sheep farmers began to complain about the damaging effects of organophosphate sheep dip, that scientists were again faced with the health problems they bring about.’
    • ‘About 6,000 protected crayfish have been wiped out in a popular Cumbrian beauty spot by what Environment Agency officials ‘strongly suspect’ was sheep dip.’
    • ‘The cause of his death is something vaguely related to carcinogenic sheep dip.’
    • ‘Scientists from Manchester University studied an enzyme found in blood which is responsible for breaking down an organophosphate used in sheep dip.’
    • ‘I am aware that this is a legal action to do with organophosphates in sheep dip.’
    • ‘Thousands were killed in June when a pollutant believed to be sheep dip spread through a 10 kilometre stretch of the River Mint at Patton Bridge near Kendal.’
    • ‘Check the bath doesn't leak; fill it with water and leave it overnight - the water can be used to make up the sheep dip solution.’
    • ‘But by the time a man has paid for the sheep dip and the cost of the transportation I am thinking there's not much left.’
    1. 1.1count noun A trough or similar container in which sheep are immersed in sheep dip.