Meaning of sheepfold in English:



  • A sheep pen.

    • ‘They will share with us their wealth in livestock and their knowledge of the sheepfolds and pastures as we will share the bounty of the barley field and vineyards.’
    • ‘Derelict sheepfolds were like empty agricultural rooms.’
    • ‘After covering twice the required distance on the first day, we decided to cheat a bit and inquired at a remote farmhouse about purchasing food and spending the night in the sheepfold.’
    • ‘Mary works mainly in pencil and watercolours and creates linocuts prints - her particular favourites being of old barns and sheepfolds.’
    • ‘Go through the derelict farm, through a sheepfold, and follow the Shalloch Burn which is crossed on a girder bridge about a quarter of a mile beyond the farm.’
    • ‘Within the northern compound is a rectangular structure, probably a post-medieval sheepfold.’
    • ‘The problem was timorous shepherds who failed to protect the flock, and especially the lambs, fearing to confront the wolves admitted to the sheepfold.’
    • ‘Everyday features of the countryside from sheepfolds to packhorse bridges carry all kinds of fascinating clues about how man's activities have shaped the Lake District landscape.’
    • ‘No, what is required is something contemporary, a song that at least emerged from the confusion of modern, urban Scotland, that sings of the streets rather than the rivers and sheepfolds.’
    • ‘It also holds information on historic buildings, listed and unlisted, and landscape features, such as sheepfolds and dry stone walls.’
    • ‘I am merely a sheep, wishing to return to the sheepfold.’
    • ‘One is a cracked mud floor made from local earth, another a stone sheepfold bisected by the museum's French doors, half of it indoors and half in the open air.’
    • ‘The notion is that of sheep being gathered into the sheepfold.’
    • ‘At a sheepfold the track loses its companion walls and stone surface and diminishes to a narrow path with railway sleepers over the numerous spring fed rivulets.’
    • ‘In the fourth millennium BC it was divided into two sections by means of a wall, the outer section being used as a sheepfold and the inner as a living area.’
    • ‘Jesus told the people that whoever entered the sheepfold by any route other than the gate was a thief.’
    • ‘The dogs were sympathetic to this proposal, so the wolves, making their way inside the sheepfold, tore the dogs to pieces.’
    • ‘He knew the fields and the woods, the wild creatures and the birds; he knew how to plough and to reap; he could keep an allotment full of vegetables all the year round; he understood a stable and a dairy, a paddock and sheepfold.’
    • ‘In particular, they believed that the time was ripe for the fulfilment of an ancient prophecy: soon there would be ‘one sheepfold and one shepherd’.’
    • ‘The viewing platform resembles a raised circular sheepfold and is surmounted by a weathervane depicting a front-load tractor.’
    enclosure, fold, sheepfold, pound, compound, paddock, stockade, sty, coop, cage, stall, lock-up