Meaning of sheesh in English:


Pronunciation /ʃiːʃ/


  • Used to express disbelief or exasperation.

    • ‘Sheesh! What fun is it to mock people when they don't even get it?’
    • ‘Sure, it's got snappy puns and dialogue but sheesh!’
    • ‘No sign of it getting any colder yet though… sheesh!’
    • ‘And to think this is just my thirty-first Christmas, sheesh!’
    • ‘Hopefully I'll stay with a friend in Milan for a few days, and with another dude in London for a while, but sheesh!’
    • ‘Even so, it's no excuse for that terrible ending of his… sheesh!’
    • ‘I can't believe this place has its own movie theater, sheesh!’
    • ‘I tell you, the stuff they're getting away with in movies nowadays - sheesh!’
    • ‘I mean, sheesh, get back to work, Frankie.’
    • ‘… I didn't do that… sheesh… I'm far too dignified to do that kinda stuff!’
    • ‘Most of this I've written down to get my own thoughts in order before I start draughting letters to the media, but first I have a couple of weeks of university to catch up on… sheesh.’
    • ‘Fortunately it only appears at the beginning and end, but sheesh, don't people know that voice-overs are the classic What Not to Do of adapting novels to the screen?’
    • ‘Good to know I've been paying attention, sheesh.’
    • ‘I mean sheesh, give me time for a shower at least, yes?’
    • ‘So I went to the library and read the article, and sheesh.’
    • ‘He's talking to Dawson (also fully clothed - sheesh - you guys have dirty minds), who is at the other end of the bed.’
    • ‘I turned around, ready to confront the master of that voice. I mean, sheesh, did she have to come to the express line?’
    • ‘Observers feel either she's had him or she wanted to have him - and sheesh, haven't we all in our more sensible moments?’
    • ‘I know the President has to play to his constituencies, but sheesh?’
    • ‘I support that fight, of course, and sympathize, but, sheesh, come on now.’
    • ‘I counted about 9 people leaving the theater at that point… sheesh.’


1950s probably an alteration of jeez.