Meaning of Sheffield plate in English:

Sheffield plate

Pronunciation /ʃɛfiːldˈpleɪt/


mass noun
  • Copper plated with silver by rolling and edging with silver film and ribbon, especially as produced in Sheffield between 1760 and 1840.

    ‘There are three kinds of silver antique: sterling silver, or its equivalent, Sheffield plate, and silver plate.’
    • ‘Matthew Boulton, James Watt's partner in the manufacture of steam engines, also made silver, Sheffield plate, and ormolu, while another of his associates, Francis Eginton, was a pioneer in the revival of stained glass.’
    • ‘Chinese porcelain was imitated in the Potteries; silverware was copied as Sheffield plate; exquisite Indian muslins were mimicked in Lancashire.’
    • ‘Discovered in Sheffield in the 1740s, Sheffield plate was a bonded laminate of a thin layer of silver to a block of copper.’
    • ‘Fused silverplate, commonly known as Sheffield plate, was the ideal medium for the new middle-class consumer, to whom both cost and appearance were crucial concerns.’