Meaning of Shekinah in English:


Pronunciation /ʃɪˈkʌɪnə/


(also Shekhinah)
mass noun
  • (in Jewish and Christian theology) the glory of the divine presence, conventionally represented as light or interpreted symbolically (in Kabbalism as a divine feminine aspect).

    ‘According to the will of the Creator, wisdom, as the divine Shekinah, will take up a dwelling place in Jacob.’
    • ‘The Jewish mystical treatise called the Zohar tells us that ‘whenever Israel goes into exile, the Holy One, blessed be he, is in exile with them, for the Shekhinah [Divine Presence] never leaves them.’’
    • ‘Mary is at once graced by the Light and reflects it, a figure akin to God's Shekhinah, the Hebrew understanding of Divine Wisdom as manifest in feminine guise.’
    • ‘Two more solutions have been proposed recently: Shekinah, a post-biblical term for divine dwelling or immanence, and ‘steadfast love’ (hesed).’
    • ‘To look on the Shekinah was death, but to gaze upon God's glory ‘in the face of Jesus Christ’ is life and health.’


Mid 17th century from late Hebrew, from šākan ‘dwell, rest’.