Meaning of shelduck in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃɛldʌk/

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nounplural noun shelduck, plural noun shelducks

(also sheldrake)
  • A large goose-like Old World duck with brightly coloured plumage, typically showing black and white wings in flight.

    Genus Tadorna, family Anatidae: several species, in particular T. tadorna of Eurasian coasts, with white, greenish-black, and chestnut plumage

    ‘One of the most attractive of our waterfowl, the goose-like shelduck is renowned for its spectacular moult gatherings along the northern coast of Germany.’
    • ‘Low-level attacks against crèches of Canada geese and shelduck are another spectacle, the avocets performing highly attractive ‘butterfly’ flights.’
    • ‘Dozens of humans and millions of domesticated birds have died in at least eight Asian countries so far, and now China has said the disease is killing wild bar-headed geese, cormorants, and shelducks.’
    • ‘The downy chicks are similar in markings to those of the shelduck.’
    • ‘My first sighting was of large numbers of pink-footed geese and wigeon along with some ringed plover and shelduck.’


Middle English (as sheldrake): probably from dialect sheld ‘pied’ (related to Middle Dutch schillede ‘variegated’) + duck. The form shelduck dates from the early 18th century.