Meaning of shelf mark in English:

shelf mark

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  • A notation on a book showing its place in a library.

    ‘So knowing them off, especially the more obscure shelf marks, is a sign of greatness amongst us nerds.’
    • ‘Below are shown a number of the shelf marks and ownership marks that are or have been in use in the Royal Library.’
    • ‘This field indicates the shelf mark assigned to the correspondence, in most cases the shelfmark in Leiden University Library.’
    • ‘Indexes are of shelf marks and names and places.’
    • ‘The call number or shelf mark of a book is printed on the spine of each book, and is used to locate the book on the shelves.’
    • ‘Because the following list of the collections and the range of shelf marks used in each is based on the information in the original series of the Sum.Cat, it does not reflect any additions since 1915.’
    • ‘The Cashel Cathedral Library shelfmark follows, Q.2 28, giving us the complete history of the book's shelf marks before it became N113 at the Folger, proving a book is where you find it.’
    • ‘You can track down our journals and their shelf marks in the OPAC.’
    • ‘If we have any information about how to purchase the publications the Signatur (shelf mark) is underlined.’
    • ‘Please check the computer catalogue for these new shelf marks.’
    • ‘To find a book with the shelf mark 1993 Kj 54, look for the subject category Kj, then for the year 1993 and finally within that year for volume number 54.’
    • ‘I shall indicate the cases in which an inventory is particularly superficial, or fails to give important data such as centuries or actual shelf marks.’
    • ‘Manuscripts which have been split into parts (codices discissi) and are now kept at different locations or under different shelf marks are only listed under one heading and marked as ‘Discissus’.’