Meaning of shell mound in English:

shell mound


another term for shell heap
‘‘The shell mound is especially vulnerable to damage from typhoons,’ he said.’
  • ‘They reported 62 species of vascular plants on a shell mound at Cedar Island, Mississippi.’
  • ‘Archaic shell mounds and midden mounds are then the scene where the rest of the story unfolds: these ‘domestilocalities', as Smith calls them, are the crux of his formulation.’
  • ‘The majority of clues about food usage come from the study of collections of animal bones, sea-food shell mounds, plant food remnants, and faecal remains, at or close to sites of human habitation.’
  • ‘Moreover, the shell mounds beneath them are heavily contaminated with chemicals and metals from years of drilling and ought to be excavated and removed along with the foundations.’