Meaning of shellfire in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃɛlfʌɪə/

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mass noun
  • Bombardment by shells.

    ‘their house was destroyed by shellfire’
    • ‘For many of the British the battle resembled Mons: determined infantry assaults prepared by heavy shellfire, met with accurate rifle fire.’
    • ‘We deal with families living in awful conditions - in old railway trucks, buildings partly destroyed by shellfire and even with street kids who live in sewers.’
    • ‘The trenches were constantly being destroyed, either by enemy shellfire, or water damage.’
    • ‘Not visible on the surface are the miles of tunnels, dug deep enough to offer protection from the incessant shellfire, where visitors can retrace the steps of soldiers moving up to the front, ready to go ‘over the top’.’
    • ‘He and his mates were bogged down on the beach at Anzio for three months, living ‘like moles’ under constant German shellfire: ‘Our only shelter were holes we dug for ourselves in the beach.’’
    • ‘Added aggravations are a troublesome long-term refugee problem, periodic cross-border shellfire and a torrent of illegal drugs - the current favorite being amphetamines which are flooding the country.’
    • ‘Reims' stained glass gives an idea of the risks: reglazed in the sixteenth century, replaced higgledy-piggledy during releading in the eighteenth, wrecked by hail in the nineteenth and finished off by shellfire in the twentieth.’
    • ‘There was still a lot of shellfire when we got there and we had to drive the boats as far up the beach as they would go and then start unloading the lorries and jeeps and supplies into the sea, all the time with shells exploding overhead.’
    • ‘He landed at Gallipoli on 2 September, and lived the life of a chaplain: arranging burial ceremonies, writing to families, holding services in the Anglican rites, visiting the men under shellfire and sniping.’
    • ‘When the troops actually got into this situation and found, you know, these hills denuded by naval shellfire and things like this, basically only then did they actually discover what the true nature of the terrain was.’
    • ‘Attempts to demolish the Turkish forts guarding the Straits by a mixture of naval shellfire and demolition by landing parties during February 1915 failed.’
    • ‘But any homely illusions were quickly dispelled by Turkish shrapnel and stubborn shellfire, resulting in heavy casualties.’
    • ‘On July 28, 1918, Mortimer fell, mortally wounded by shellfire at the Ourcq River.’
    • ‘And of course a lot of the cows had been hit by shellfire.’
    • ‘Nearing the coast we could see the beach ahead, and could hear the noise of shellfire and our rocket ships, which were pounding the beaches.’
    • ‘After one more probe, accompanied by 4,000 rounds of shellfire, it came on the evening of the 28th.’
    • ‘You've got to know the difference between incoming and outgoing shellfire.’
    • ‘In a bed nearby, a little boy cowered, listening to the thunder of shellfire.’
    • ‘It was German shellfire instantly killing all the men in the bath.’
    • ‘His field ambulance had come under shellfire and, despite all attempts to save him, he died.’