Meaning of shen in English:


Pronunciation /ʃɛn/

nounplural noun shen

  • (in Chinese thought) the spiritual element of a person's psyche.

    ‘The heart houses the shen, or spirits, and the shen's presence radiates and shines from a person's eyes and face.’
    • ‘Other side-effects include abnormal dreams involving either the shen / heart spirit or the hun/ethereal soul.’
    • ‘The shen are indestructible and immutable; they transcend Yin and Yang.’
    • ‘Since storage is a yin function, it is primarily the Heart blood and yin that have the function of nourishing the Heart and providing the material basis for the Heart to house the shen.’
    • ‘The shen may also be disturbed by the heat buildup in the chest.’
    • ‘This is from an unknown source, but emphasizes the importance of treating the shen.’
    • ‘In this formula, ginseng calms shen.’
    • ‘In classical Chinese medicine, shen is the reservoir of vital essence in semen, and kui means deficiency.’


From Chinese shén.