Meaning of sherd in English:



  • A broken piece of ceramic material, especially one found on an archaeological site.

    • ‘During the Iron Age, people continued to visit Grimes Graves and several excavations have produced pottery sherds, although, again, no settlements have yet been found.’
    • ‘In the midst of the Anglo-Saxon burials were two crouched Bronze Age burials, both adults, associated with sherds of Beaker pottery and a small bronze awl probably dating from about 2000 BC.’
    • ‘Within the border zone on the nearer side of the frontier, the haul of finds during an excavation might consist of two or three sherds of Roman pottery, a glass bead or fragment of a glass bangle, some iron fragments, and quernstones.’
    • ‘But when we began to excavate the midden material outside the buildings we came across sherds of Unstan ware pottery.’
    • ‘The only indication of age was the mention of ‘numerous small sherds of late prehistoric pottery’.’
    • ‘Excavations at Cade 9 produced 679 pottery sherds including rims associated with two weakly collared, cord-impressed vessels.’
    • ‘But over that winter we produced something like 600 sherds of pottery, a collection of late Bronze Age metalwork, spindlewhorls, loom weights, and animal bone.’
    • ‘Colin saw human bone and Beaker sherds and called Wessex Archaeology: a team was on site that afternoon.’
    • ‘In addition to the nondiagnostic pipe fragment, Feature 22 contained sherds from two Mackinac Punctate vessels and one sherd with drag-jab decoration, commonly associated with the Juntunen phase.’
    • ‘A 1.5 by 1 m pit containing heavily baked clay and burnt sherds may be a kiln, the first of its kind for mainland Britain.’
    • ‘Finds included stone axes, arrow heads, one javelin head, flint tools such as blades and scrapers, and thousands of sherds of decorated pottery, many of them larger than a man's hand, with at least six complete smashed pots.’
    • ‘Other body sherds were apparently classified by Winters as White Hall or Havana based on the thickness of the sherds (White Hall pottery generally has thinner walls than Havana pottery).’
    • ‘Ancient walls and pottery sherds are concentrated on the surface of Azoria at an elevation of approximately 320-370 m above sea level.’
    • ‘Over 900 mould fragments, 250 crucible sherds, as well as waste products, scrap metalwork, tools and raw materials were recovered.’
    • ‘The presence of Woodland rim and body sherds and Great Oasis pottery, including entire vessels, already has been noted.’
    • ‘There were sherds of pottery all over the place.’
    • ‘Residue analysis on pottery sherds also suggests a high reliance on corn.’
    • ‘The courtyard had become extremely muddy with use, and trapped in the mud were numerous sherds of pottery and other small finds.’
    • ‘A few sherds of Anglo-Saxon pottery are associated with this final phase.’
    • ‘After excavation a sherd can be heated again and its stored energy released and measured.’


Variant spelling of shard.