Meaning of sheriff clerk in English:

sheriff clerk


  • (in Scotland) the clerk of a sheriff's court.

    ‘The Minister also announced a separate order to raise to 30,000 the maximum value of an estate for which a sheriff clerk can prepare an inventory and declaration to finalise the estate without the need for a solicitor.’
    • ‘The back page of the inventory form C1 will be changed and with effect from 1 November, the sheriff clerk will only accept this new version of the inventory.’
    • ‘Remember that the sheriff clerk sits in front of the sheriff whereas the lawyers sit at either side.’
    • ‘Provided all is in order the sheriff clerk or the commissary clerk issues confirmation.’
    • ‘If the pursuer is a member of the public the sheriff clerk will serve the summons, otherwise it is served by a solicitor or sheriff officer.’
    • ‘Through promotions and transfers, I worked as a sheriff clerk depute in Duns, Kirkcudbright, Airdrie, Falkirk, Kirkwall, Elgin and Inverness, before obtaining my present position.’
    • ‘I have been sheriff clerk at Edinburgh sheriff court for about a year now and I am enjoying the challenge that managing a large court brings.’
    • ‘A debtor, on leaving an employment, must inform the creditor or the sheriff clerk, as appropriate, and provide the name and address of any new employer.’
    • ‘A party who intends to apply for a time to pay order under section 5 of the Act shall complete and lodge with the sheriff clerk an application in form 2.’
    • ‘In the application of rules 55 to 57 to elections in Scotland, the references to the relevant registration officer shall be taken to be references to the relevant sheriff clerk.’
    • ‘However some decisions of the High Court of Justiciary are issued but not posted to the web site, and the majority of sheriff court cases are sent to us by sheriff clerks or parties’ representatives without appearing on the sheriff court section of the Scottish Courts web site.’