Meaning of Shetland pony in English:

Shetland pony

Pronunciation /ˌʃɛtlənd ˈpəʊni/

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  • A pony of a small hardy rough-coated breed.

    ‘His father also used to keep shire horses and Shetland ponies.’
    • ‘Like the Shetland pony, the Sheltie was bred with a thick coat to protect them from the harsh climate.’
    • ‘The special day will also include a ‘Parade of the Horse’, featuring different breeds such as thoroughbreds, dray horses and Shetland ponies.’
    • ‘Shire horses and Shetland ponies drew crowds to the horse section while the showjumpers displayed their skills in the ring.’
    • ‘Getting closer, I saw they were ponies, Shetland ponies.’
    • ‘Horse thieves snatched two Shetland ponies from a field in Kingswood, leaving their owner and her six-year-old grandson distraught.’
    • ‘Sheep, cattle and pigs were bred for their meat, milk, skins and bone, and there were a few ponies of small size - but larger than the modern Shetland pony.’
    • ‘Well we've compared them with other populations, with the Shetland pony for example, and with horses from Turkey and from Egypt, to take some kind of a sample of horses from the same part of the world today.’
    • ‘The owner of a five-year-old Shetland pony fears she will have to have her beloved horse put down if she cannot raise enough money for medical treatment.’
    • ‘On the very same day that I first deliberated the issue, I happened to notice that a Shetland pony and a zebra had mated successfully and even showed off their shapeless dingy offspring on the front pages of a number of Scottish newspapers.’
    • ‘How could I forget chasing down Thistle, the runaway Shetland pony who also happened to have a rider on her back at the moment?’
    • ‘At the horse fair on Saturday, the lad started to mess with a tiny, two-month old foal, not realising how protective and hot-tempered the mother, a Shetland pony, was.’
    • ‘But there's nothing like a chance to stroke and cuddle an animal for a seven-year-old, and my daughter enjoyed stroking a Shetland pony which had a permanently sad expression.’
    • ‘The family's home was surrounded by green fields and picturesque woods, and as children, Daniel and his brother and sisters learned to ride, on their own Shetland pony.’
    • ‘A woman has been fined £250 and ordered to pay over £5,000 costs after being found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a Shetland pony.’
    • ‘Did you ever play polo on a Shetland pony as a kid?’
    • ‘A treasured Shetland pony which has helped a teenager with her learning and physical difficulties has been stolen from a field near Swindon.’
    • ‘True to form, he looked completely out of his depth, like a Shetland pony thrown into the Kentucky Derby.’
    • ‘He is a bit taller than her now, as she is a Shetland pony and he is a Welsh Moorland.’
    • ‘In total there were about 40 mounted huntsmen, women and children with three carriages drawn by Shetland ponies lending their support.’