Meaning of Shetland sheepdog in English:

Shetland sheepdog

Pronunciation /ˈʃɛtlənd/


  • A small dog of a breed resembling the collie.

    ‘They were amazed, upon reaching the site of the sheepdog trials, to find that those little Shetland sheepdogs and the border collies were as good at managing the sheep as any good cattle dog was at handling a herd of stray steers.’
    • ‘In the course of her research for the novel, she road-tested the intelligence tests Paul used on Lorelei on her own dog, a Shetland sheepdog, who died when the book was half finished.’
    • ‘The Shetland sheepdog has been embraced by dog lovers around the world and has responded to that embrace with unquestionable devotion.’
    • ‘The youngster and his Shetland sheepdog, Ross, have qualified to compete at Crufts in the junior Agility Dog of the Year competition.’
    • ‘My two-year-old Shetland sheepdog has developed pink, raw areas on her nose that sometimes ooze and scab up.’