Meaning of sheugh in English:


Pronunciation /ʃʌx/


Scottish, Irish
  • A ditch or furrow.

    ‘they probably threw it in a sheugh’
    • ‘I began to think about the time I had jumped the sheugh when I was only eight.’
    • ‘The still will be cleaned and dumped behind a sheugh.’
    • ‘At some point, I will lose my balance and topple off and over the edge and into the sheugh.’
    • ‘Field boundaries—including hedgerows, drystone walls, and sheughs—are an iconic feature of Northern Ireland's rural landscape.’
    • ‘Sheep frighten easily when chased causing them to possibly run into nearby rivers, sheughs or undergrowth.’


Early 16th century variant of sough ‘pool, ditch’, of obscure origin.