Meaning of shew in English:



old-fashioned spelling of show
  • ‘My beloved is like a roe or a young hart: behold, he standeth behind our wall, he looketh forth at the windows, shewing himself through the lattice.’
  • ‘On Sunday I went to church at a pretty, old church in Bedford & after Mr S shewed me an old Jacobean house (now converted into a mansion by a Yankee, a relative of Carnigie(?) or Pierfont Morgans.)’
  • ‘The painting bears the inscription ‘Presented to C. Hilton Green, Esqr., M.F.H., by subscribers and farmers of the North Cotswold Hunt as a slight appreciation of the excellent sport he shewed, 1927-1929.’’
  • ‘He had recognized the importance of photography that shewed African artworks in context, and thus promoted the development of the EEPA as a primary resource and collection center for photography from Africa.’
  • ‘I carried the Countesse of Sunderland to see the rarities of one Mr Charleton in the Middle Temple, who shew'd us such a collection as I had never seene in all my travels abroad, either of private gentlemen or princes.’
  • ‘Even at Ranelagh… it was usual for ladies to hold up the volumes of Pamela to one another, to shew they had got the book that everyone was talking of.’
  • ‘The map in evidence in this case shews that the place occupied by the allowance for highway in 1866 is now underwater; it has become by degrees part of the navigable waters of Lake Erie, and as such the soil is vested in the Crown.’
  • ‘He can not elect before advice is received, of the loss: and if that advice shews the peril to be over, and the thing in safety, he cannot elect at all; because he has no right to abandon, when the thing is safe.’
  • ‘The bond was given, as the Plaintiff's evidence shews, under clear pressure.’
  • ‘But their damage is what we notice and what he shews us, the seduction and bribery of fervent desire meshed with sheepish sorrow.’
  • ‘The decoration was designed by the Gothic Revivalist Pugin, author of Contrasts: or a Parallel between the Noble Edifices of the Middle Ages and Corresponding Buildings of the Modern Day; shewing The Present Decay of Taste.’
  • ‘The overseer was asked to construct a frame ‘for ascertaining the proper form of the Road’ and the trustees requested that the contractor should ‘make a small Part of the Road shewing three different Slopes, when the same would be fixed’.’
  • ‘A person charged with libel cannot defend himself by shewing that he intended in his own breast not to defame, or that he intended not to defame the plaintiff, if in fact he did both.’
  • ‘There is nothing upon the face of this agreement distinctly shewing that the plaintiff was contracting as agent for others.’
  • ‘He has climbed back onto the leaderboard, shewing he can be a contender again.’
  • ‘The Third section is spent in shewing some of the Reasons why the Arguments proposed in the Second are often irrelavent.’
  • ‘I believe it will not be necessary to employ many words in shewing the weakness of this argument, after what I have said of the foregoing.’
  • ‘And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God.’
  • ‘Bougainville reported they ‘were naked, excepting their natural parts, and shewed us cocoa-nuts and roots.’’
  • ‘She shewed us plainly, that, though she permitted us to assign her laws and subdue her apparent powers, yet, if she put forth but a finger, we must quake.’