Meaning of shh in English:


Pronunciation /ʃ/

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(also sh)
  • Used to call for silence.

    ‘‘Shh! Keep your voice down!’’
    • ‘Now that's bad enough, but - shh!… - listen to the soundtrack in the background.’
    • ‘Then Cybil ended it really quickly with, ‘So… shh!’’
    • ‘Not now, this is your safety we're talking about - shh!’
    • ‘‘Baby,’ he hugged me tightly, ‘baby girl, shh.’’
    • ‘‘Shh, shh… ‘Luke whispered, wiping the tears off of her cheeks with his thumbs.’
    • ‘‘Conner, shh, it's okay,’ I said, pulling him into a hug.’
    • ‘‘Shh, shh,’ he cradled my head in his chest, ‘it's not true, you know I love you.’’
    • ‘‘Shh, shh, it'll be okay,’ Matt soothes, smoothing my hair.’
    • ‘Shh, shh, it's only for a little bit, a week or two at most.’
    • ‘He wrapped his arms around her and began stroking her hair as he whispered, ‘Shh, shh, shh.’’
    • ‘‘No, shh,’ Paul soothed her, whipping a tear away with his thumb.’
    • ‘‘Shh, shh,’ soothed the deep voice, and I felt a big hand on my arm.’
    • ‘‘Ok, forever, but shh, don't tell anyone,’ he whispered.’
    • ‘Walking into Galiena's room, I took a quick look around than heard another small giggle, coming from under the bed, which was followed by a series of shh's.’
    • ‘A hopeless romantic at heart - shh, don't tell anyone!’
    • ‘‘Shh, shh, come here,’ she said, leading me back towards the room they had put me in earlier.’
    • ‘Actually, I could also use a small miracle, but shh, don't tell anyone that part.’
    • ‘I stopped screaming as Brandon came over and hugged me and told me to shh.’
    • ‘This is Lizzi, but shh don't tell anyone you saw us.’
    • ‘There were only a few people in there but they could shh very loudly.’


Mid 19th century variant of hush.