Meaning of shicer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃʌɪsə/


  • 1Australian, New Zealand informal, dated A worthless thing or person, especially a swindler.

    swindler, charlatan, mountebank, confidence trickster, fraud, fraudster, impostor, trickster, racketeer, hoaxer, sharper, rogue, villain, scoundrel
    1. 1.1Mining An unproductive claim or mine.
      ‘The unsuccessful diggers would declare their holes blanks, duffers, or shicers, and dedicate them to the Queen.’
      • ‘To keep friends with such a cast of mind, whose motto is Nelson's, you must do your duty; never mind if you sink a shicer, bottom your shaft any how.’
      • ‘I think the practical miner, who had been hard at work night and day, for the last four or six months, and, after all, had just bottomed a shicer, objected to the tax itself, because he could not possibly afford to pay it.’


Mid 19th century from German Scheisser ‘contemptible person’.