Meaning of shift for oneself in English:

shift for oneself

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  • Manage as best one can without help.

    ‘the lad was left to shift for himself’
    • ‘A city could expect to have the months of winter uninterrupted by visitors, and whether for purposes of survival or for purposes of entertainment, residents had to shift for themselves and for each other.’
    • ‘If this principle of noninterference is practiced resolutely, the minority - presumably less resourceful - groups must be left alone to shift for themselves.’
    • ‘Pea-Jacket left Sarah Curley and her two sons to shift for themselves.’
    • ‘Most of the remaining knights took the remaining ships and sailed for Antioch, leaving the foot soldiers and the pilgrims to shift for themselves.’
    • ‘Moreover, the farmers' dogs were expected to shift for themselves, scavenging for food around the farm.’
    • ‘They arrived in fine condition on the good ship Lightning and were soon turned out to shift for themselves on Austin's estate in Victoria province.’
    • ‘But these orders had still not arrived when, on 24 August, he sailed secretly for France of his own accord, leaving the army he had taken to the east to shift for itself.’
    • ‘That group is left to shift for itself in crowded community college classes or in the packed lecture halls of public universities.’
    cope, cope on one's own, manage, manage by oneself, survive, manage without assistance, manage without help, make it on one's own, fend for oneself, take care of oneself, make do, get along, get by, scrape along, scrape by, muddle along, muddle through
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