Meaning of shin guard in English:

shin guard



another term for shin pad
‘‘True… ‘Alex said, pulling on her shin guard then the cleat.’’
  • ‘There was a big crack and we were all praying that it was the noise of the shin guard rather than the sound of bones cracking.’
  • ‘Another rock flew towards Faulkner, smacking into his shin guard.’
  • ‘A girl with raven black hair sat on the bench beside me as she pulled on a shin guard.’
  • ‘She dared a glance at her ankle, but could see nothing; the socks and shin guard shielded it from her.’
  • ‘The serious non-goalie player needs a hockey stick, protective gloves, a face shield and mouthpiece, hockey pants, shin guards, shoulder pads and, for males, a jock strap and cup.’
  • ‘At 63, the man still wears shin guards on special occasions.’
  • ‘The catcher's gear was far less elaborate, consisting largely of a simple mask, shin guards and chest protector.’
  • ‘Does your hypochondriac friend really need to play in shin guards and a fitted plastic face mask?’
  • ‘That uniform consisted of dark pants and a dark long sleeve shirt, padded with arm guards, shin guards, boots, and thick gloves.’
  • ‘They put on riot protection gear - helmets, heavy gloves, shin guards and chest protectors - before forming a huddle and chanting in unison, getting themselves pumped up.’
  • ‘The new riot gear includes American style 12-bore pump guns, translucent poly-carbonate shields, elbow and shin guards and protective clothing.’
  • ‘For while the person who dons the chest protector and shin guards needs to be as rigid and firm as a knight in armor, it is equally important that the catcher be nimble and flexible.’
  • ‘Some people go even further and say they have a problem with shin guards.’
  • ‘But he might be able to get even the most reluctant of players revved up to strap on shin guards.’
  • ‘The centurion armour that he now wore had silver shin guards and shoulder plates.’
  • ‘Next came his boots and shin guards, then his arm guards and belt.’
  • ‘She gathered more than $1,500 in donations to purchase soccer balls, socks, shin guards, cleats and water bottles, and to cover shipping costs for the equipment.’
  • ‘The soldier wore helmet, breastplate, and shin guards; protection also came from a shield.’
  • ‘I had James' shin guards, helmet and elbow pads.’