Meaning of shiner in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃʌɪnə/

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  • 1A thing that shines or reflects light.

    • ‘moonlight blanked the weakest shiners, but the powerful stars were gleaming’
    1. 1.1in combination A person or thing that polishes something.
      • ‘Add a drop or two of silicone shiner to a quarter-sized amount of gel.’
      • ‘He was strong and hard against me, for such a pale-faced, freckly-armed shiner of the shoes.’
      • ‘It looks like we'll have to use the scale shiner again.’
  • 2 informal A black eye.

    • ‘his shiner was throbbing’
    • ‘She smiled and looked to him then back to me, ‘You look worse, but I'm glad he will have a nice shiner and a lot of bruises.’’
    • ‘So when he appeared outside the dressing room on Saturday afternoon sporting a glorious shiner it seemed there might be yet another unedifying tale of late-night revelry to tell.’
    • ‘I've been receiving symbolic shiners, charley horses and swollen jaws since I first picked up a mic and joked into it.’
    • ‘I posted a picture of one of the shiners after a match, should have some good boxing shots too soon.’
    • ‘The German defender, sporting an impressive shiner, complained: ‘He didn't even say sorry.’’
    • ‘Don't stand too close to the stage during their 10-minute set or you might be sporting a shiner for the rest of the summer.’
    • ‘After lying inert for several minutes, Totmianina was taken to hospital with concussion before being discharged the next day with a shiner on her eye.’
    • ‘It didn't break, but George was bleeding and had copped a bit of a shiner.’
    • ‘‘Morning,’ Alex half greeted, half yawned as he wobbled into the kitchen and flopped down on one of the kitchen chairs, his eye sporting a dark purple shiner.’
    • ‘After all, Lee, you're the one that's going to have to explain that shiner to your son.’
    • ‘‘Nice shiner,’ She said, referring to the faint purple hue the skin around his right cheekbone had taken.’
    • ‘He had the beginnings of a bruise on his left eye, which would become a decent sized shiner by morning.’
    • ‘I heard that Alabaster got a pretty good shiner from it too though no one knew why.’
    • ‘He's still on the floor, blood all over from his lip, what seems to be a cut on his cheek and two impressive shiners.’
    • ‘I didn't feel I could go to school, not with my shiner.’
    • ‘He will definitely have a nice shiner from that.’
    • ‘The girl would have one hell of a shiner tomorrow.’
    • ‘I wasn't actually looking at your shiner when you first walked in.’
    • ‘I didn't want to go home with a shiner and have to explain everything to my parents.’
    contusion, lesion, mark, injury, black-and-blue mark, skin discoloration, blackening
  • 3A small silvery North American freshwater fish which typically has colourful markings.

    Notropis and other genera, family Cyprinidae: several species

    ‘Baitfish comprise the minnows, shiners, and chubs.’
    • ‘Like all surfperch, shiners are viviparous, that is, they do not lay eggs but bear live young.’
    • ‘The blacknose shiner was collected, preserved, and identified by three individuals.’
    • ‘Another environmentalist land grab is underway in six states to protect the Topeka shiner, a minnow.’
    • ‘Those bass didn't want flies, plugs or shiners (a small chub-like fish that are used as live bait).’
    • ‘They prey upon the rainbow smelt, golden shiner, common shiner, creek chub, and mummichog, among others.’
    • ‘For such a pond, golden shiners, bluntnose minnows, or fathead minnows may be stocked to provide food for the bass.’
    • ‘The freshwater golden shiner was expected to have a high tracer enrichment, because it is reported to feed on zooplankton.’
    • ‘She is here competing with other piscivorous (fish-eating) birds in search of anchovy, shiner perch and grunion to eat.’
    • ‘He led us through some fantastic coral formations, tunnels, and schools of shiners so thick you couldn't see the person in front of you.’
    • ‘Long, too, is the road to recovery for the Arkansas River shiner, but conservation efforts like this one can get us there.’
    • ‘Indeed, whitebait is one of the numerous alternative common names which are used of this fish, others being green smelt, shiner, spearing, and sperling.’
    • ‘The only species present in Clyde Creek were blacknose shiner, Iowa darter, central mudminnow, and pearl dace.’
    • ‘They prey on such fish as the cisco (lake herring), lake whitefish, central mudminnow, and golden shiner.’