Meaning of ship's biscuit in English:

ship's biscuit


mass nounBritish
  • A very hard, coarse kind of biscuit formerly taken on sea voyages.

    Also called hard tack

    ‘Some examples of this sort are the small oyster cracker, used on top of seafood chowders, and the crackers known as ship's biscuit (or pilot biscuit or sea biscuit).’
    • ‘Now, Canada frequently shipped significant volumes of flour, legumes, ship's biscuit, and some lumber to Louisbourg, and lesser amounts directly to Martinique and Saint-Domingue.’
    • ‘Sebastian looked at the lone crab, pulled a few crumbs from his pocket, and dropped a bit of ship's biscuit in to him.’
    • ‘The government hadn't supplied the surveyors with tents, so they rigged bivouacs to sleep in, toasted food over the fire and munched on hard square ship's biscuits.’
    • ‘A new business was established in Jerez: the production of ship's biscuits for the Armada.’