Meaning of ship-breaker in English:



  • A contractor who breaks up old ships for scrap.

    ‘It was towed up the River Thames from Sheerness in Kent to a ship-breaker's yard in Rotherhithe, South London.’
    • ‘‘The first task in the dismantling operation will be repairing holes made in three areas of the Megafloat's bottom when it ran aground,’ the ship-breaker said.’
    • ‘Neither does it have a complete inventory of toxic wastes, although the ship-breaker admits that the ship contains both asbestos and polychlorinated biphenyls, a neurotoxin.’
    • ‘The shipping company bringing the liner to India will bear the brunt, as it's only after ships are brought to the breaking yard that the ship-breaker pays up.’
    • ‘The ship-breaker tries to get the best possible return on the investment by breaking the ship as efficiently as possible.’