Meaning of ship canal in English:

ship canal

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  • A canal wide and deep enough for ships to travel along it.

    ‘In the net lofts along the ship canal they tar their seine twine with paraffin to protect against salt water.’
    • ‘Office buildings along the ship canal are bringing white-collar workers by the thousands.’
    • ‘Go back to 1900s - see navvies digging the Manchester ship canal by hand!’
    • ‘Work started in the 1830s on the Tralee ship canal, which stretches from nearly 1km beyond Blennerville Quay to Prince's Quay, on the edge of Tralee town.’
    • ‘In 1903, Panama and the United States signed a treaty by which the United States undertook to construct an interoceanic ship canal across the Isthmus of Panama.’
    inland waterway, channel, watercourse, waterway