Meaning of shippable in English:



See ship

‘In areas where the trusses exceeded maximum shippable weights, they were delivered with splices at the one-third points.’
  • ‘There's always that in-between food - food that is edible but not shippable.’
  • ‘Anything a forward-thinking architect could imagine was invented, manufactured, packaged, searchable on the Internet, purchasable with a credit card, and shippable overnight.’
  • ‘The introduction of these technologies (actual shippable product, that is) should bring new life to the midrange with its plethora of formats.’
  • ‘The Book prize is shippable anywhere in the world, whereas the other two non-transferable prizes should only be entered for by Bay Area residents who will be able to enjoy them in person.’
  • ‘Juicy, deliciously shippable dry white with enthusiasm and glittering footwork.’