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Pronunciation /ˈʃɪpɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • 1Ships considered collectively, especially those in a particular area or belonging to a particular country.

    ‘the volume of shipping using these ports’
    • ‘There was something as massive and significant as the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway which re-directed much shipping away from Eastern ports.’
    • ‘Shetland Coastguard and Orkney Harbours are broadcasting warnings to all shipping in the area.’
    • ‘Besides, if Somalia was key to securing shipping through the area, why did we leave after the Black Hawk Down disaster?’
    • ‘Terrific storms, heavy seas, and frightful squalls make the waters in this area hazardous for conventional shipping.’
    • ‘Other shipping in the area, for example, took advantage of the chaos to wash out their own fuel tanks with sea water.’
    • ‘And he revealed the crew was already finding out what shipping was in the area in case they needed rescuing.’
    • ‘Moreover German trade, a major reason for interest in the area, provided shipping for the conquest.’
    • ‘The Germans could use the base to attack British shipping in the area and disrupt the British use of the Suez.’
    • ‘The bill establishes a maritime security framework that is vital to the security of our ports and maritime shipping.’
    • ‘Only when ports cannot be cut off does attacking shipping at sea become necessary.’
    • ‘Malin Head Radio broadcast a Mayday relay to all shipping.’
    • ‘The updated charts, once produced, will benefit both military and commercial shipping, enabling them to navigate safely through the shallow seaways.’
    • ‘Deliberate moves should be made to upgrade the Point Lisas port, leaving a minimal about of shipping at Port of Spain.’
    • ‘The French government then required Portugal to close her ports to British shipping and to declare war on Great Britain.’
    • ‘In the 18th century our shipping and ports made us the greatest trading nation in the world.’
    • ‘It is in full view of most of the town of Dover, and has uninterrupted views of shipping in the Straits of Dover.’
    • ‘Over 250 were built there and deployed to protect allied shipping in the Battle of the Atlantic.’
    • ‘The good news is that the world's busiest shipping lanes should see to a fair number of them.’
    • ‘The Athenian war fleet was reduced to twelve ships - barely enough to protect her shipping.’
    sending, mailing, shipping, transmittal, consignment
    1. 1.1The transport of goods by sea or some other means.
      ‘the shipping of his works abroad’
      • ‘wine shipping’
      • ‘a shipping company’
      • ‘Still, to deter underage drinking, the states that allow direct shipping require an adult signature upon delivery.’
      • ‘Lack of security for low-flying aircraft complicates shipping and transportation too.’
      • ‘Transportation and shipping have slowed to ensure no further spread of the snake.’
      • ‘They are expected to cite the fear that shipping wine from California to a consumer's doorstep will boost underage drinking.’
      • ‘High-profile brand offerings combined with quick shipping of the actual samples makes this site one to watch.’
      • ‘Direct shipping could reduce costs by as much as 50%, and direct air routes by two-thirds, says Chang.’
      • ‘Japan will also shoulder costs for any shipping in Japan, bringing the total of Japan's assistance to about 120 billion yen, the official said.’
      • ‘Even including the cost of shipping, you can save money.’
      • ‘Merchant marine Britain's dependence on merchant shipping was an economic fact which total war heavily underlined.’
      • ‘Coastal shipping was also important for many decades after European settlement, along with river transport.’
      • ‘In 1940, the U-boats started to take a real toll against merchant shipping.’
      • ‘The review's key proposal was special tax arrangements for New Zealand coastal shipping.’
      • ‘The worst drought across the Midwest in 17 years is now threatening commercial shipping.’
      • ‘Tellingly, commercial shipping appears not to receive the same degree of attention or scrutiny.’
      • ‘Direct shipping from western ports would avoid possible contamination and cut transport charges.’
      • ‘After all the winery's profits are exponentially greater with direct shipping.’
      • ‘The shipping industry in India is internationally competitive and is capable of further growth.’
      • ‘The upswing in the shipping industry is encouraging more carriers to list in Hong Kong.’
      • ‘Since then, the company has diversified its interests, which include shipping and property.’
      transit, transportation, conveyance, traffic, carriage, freight, freightage, shipment, shipping, haulage, delivery, distribution, carrying