Meaning of shirted in English:



See shirt

often in combination ‘white-shirted bouncers’
  • ‘He left his white-haired, green dressed wife and his black-haired, yellow shirted kid in a diaper at home.’
  • ‘And the goal (no matter how much luck played its part), seemed to lift a huge weight off the white shirted players, as they visibly improved for the remaining half hour of football.’
  • ‘Cushioned cane chairs and large tables with blue cloths give the place a ‘picnic’ atmosphere, and the brightly shirted attendants all heighten the tropical impression.’
  • ‘On a bitterly cold, dark and dank afternoon at St Paul's Belfast, the yellow and blue shirted Newry side failed to rise to the occasion and in the end could scarcely complain about the result.’
  • ‘I scowled at Mitchells from behind his black shirted back.’
  • ‘Attractive women of all types mingle with a crowd of black shirted geeks, who let's face it, aren't generally the most attractive demographic.’