Meaning of shisha in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃiːʃə/


  • 1(in Egypt and other Arabic-speaking countries) a hookah.

    ‘Camel rides await them and afterwards they will gather round to smoke a shisha (an Arabic water pipe).’
    • ‘Still, the area around Na'ama Bay comes to life at night, when you can explore the neon bazaars or smoke a leisurely shisha pipe while taking in the evening parade.’
    • ‘And he said that the shisha is not as damaging to health as cigarettes are.’
    • ‘After dinner in a Persian restaurant a few nights ago I asked for a ghalyan - a water pipe known in other parts of the Middle East as a shisha or nargila or to westerners as a hubble-bubble.’
    • ‘It was half-naked women belly dancing and smoking the shisha.’
    • ‘Another vendor hung several shots of a couple dressed in the oriental galabeya with a shisha.’
    • ‘Sometimes I'd stay and smoke a little from Ali's shisha, a water pipe with strong, sweet tobacco he brought back from his hometown.’
    • ‘Some were in the market's baladi cafés sipping mint tea and smoking their shishas, while others shopped for souvenirs to take back home.’
    1. 1.1mass noun Tobacco for smoking in a hookah, especially when mixed with flavourings such as mint.
      ‘The Jordanian-born of the Sahara Cafe has flavoured tobacco called shisha and smoking vessels called argeeleh or hubble-bubbles in his shop.’
      • ‘The day we visit, we are caught between an American tour group and a group of retired upper class Copts who have come to smoke shisha and gossip about old times.’
      • ‘You may see some people gather to drink tea or smoke shisha in this lounge.’
      • ‘Things kick off at 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. and, like all the best things in life, it has shisha (oh yeah, it's free too).’


Egyptian Arabic shiisha, from Turkish şişe.