Meaning of shitehawk in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃʌɪthɔːk/


vulgar slang British
  • 1A large scavenging or predatory bird.

    • ‘He's been reincarnated as a Torbay shitehawk.’
    • ‘The shitehawks indulge in their rooftop verbals, producing the sort of proms that send humans scampering off into soundproof cellars.’
    • ‘When an aeroplane appeared the horn was sounded with a series of mighty blasts and the shitehawks flew away.’
  • 2A contemptible or worthless person.

    • ‘He sounded like a shitehawk to me.’
    • ‘The shitehawks in the press were all over the story.’
    • ‘The clubs are run by swindling shitehawks.’