Meaning of shiv in English:


Pronunciation /ʃɪv/


informal North American
  • A knife or razor used as a weapon.

    • ‘Rosa Parks didn't make a shiv and start knifing people when she was arrested.’
    • ‘For those who like more direct courses of action, getting your hands on a shiv or another weapon will probably be the first thing you want to do.’
    • ‘Getting his hands on the first weapon he finds, he pulls a shiv, or a ‘homemade’ knife out of an inmate.’
    • ‘And it was all scary, because she had a lot of plastic bags with her, and I didn't know if there was maybe something pointy in one of them, like a shiv with my name on it.’
    • ‘What if I got a shiv in the ribs for all my trouble?’
    • ‘Blades are his specialty - the shiv, the ice pick, the Flora Dora.’
    • ‘She gave everybody the shiv before they gave it to her.’
    • ‘We all want to be decent, human beings, and not stick a shiv in the formerly bloated hillbilly heroin junkie, but that sympathy is misplaced.’
    • ‘She did, I will say this, fashion a shiv out of the lamb shank.’
    • ‘They always shed crocodile tears and call the other side's attacks vicious and beyond the pale while they are sticking the shiv in as hard as they can.’
    • ‘You collect the material and create the shiv you fight with!’
    • ‘And it makes me wonder: They stick the shiv in the ribs of their richest and most enthusiastic backers.’
    • ‘At that, he withdraws a shiv and runs the crude blade in a slow, deliberate arc from the top of his brow to his chin as the guards rush and tackle him.’
    • ‘This wasn't a forgivable tiny piece of eggshell, but a large wall of shell that looked like a shiv a bird might carve in prison.’
    • ‘And then Dole paid him back by going public about the phone call and digging the shiv in a little deeper.’


Probably from Romani chiv ‘blade’.