Meaning of shizzle in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃɪzl/


informal US
  • Used as a euphemism for ‘shit’ in various senses and phrases.

    • ‘this shizzle is givin' me a straight-up headache’
    • ‘who gives a shizzle what they spend?’
    • ‘He has scenes where he strikes the audience dumb with epithet filled tirades, using words you know he can't spell, but he sure as shizzle can say.’
    • ‘If you want more than a half dozen laughs over 90 minutes from your comedy, you are shizzle out of luck.’
    • ‘I love this book, especially the way the author talks about the everyday shizzle in relationships and all.’
    • ‘You do come up with some good shizzle and I do laugh from time to time.’
    • ‘I remember completely losing my shizzle when she won the Miss Universe title.’
    • ‘Their flavors seriously are the shizzle.’
    • ‘I have tried several tailors, and hands down this is the shizzle!’
    • ‘They're never gonna learn this shizzle and it's gonna be funny to see them fail.’
    • ‘I almost want him to be the bigger person and just step down so that we can maybe, almost, get shizzle done in the country.’
    • ‘I hope, when the patent goes through, they sue the shizzle out of their rivals and demand a lot of money in damages.’


    be the shizzle
    US informal
    • Be outstandingly good or impressive.

      • ‘this place is the shizzle’
    for shizzle
    US informal
    • For sure; definitely.

      • ‘gonna be a great game for shizzle!’
      • ‘Listen up, this is true, fo' shizzle.’
      • ‘So let's get this straight: Pittsburghers will have a chance to party with the team? For shizzle.’
      • ‘Snoop Dogg puts on a show, that's for shizzle.’
      • ‘I cover media, gossip, fashion, politics, tv, fashion, classical civilizations - a little bit of everything, fo' shizzle.’
      • ‘Even your mom says "Fo' Shizzle" nowadays.’
      • ‘I am a domestic goddess fo' shizzle.’
      • ‘You know how every single person on the planet says "fo' shizzle" these days?’


1990s (as exclamation): alteration of shit or sure.