Meaning of shoat in English:


Pronunciation /ʃəʊt/


(also shote)
North American
  • A young pig, especially one which is newly weaned.

    ‘My uncle would go to the auction over at Logan County Stockyards on the edge of Booneville and get a couple of shoats (young just-weaned hogs).’
    • ‘He also tells a story about how Uncle John bought a shoat and ate until he vomited and then left the rest.’
    • ‘In many areas where there are feral pigs, wild sows and piglets are captured, male shoats castrated, and then the pigs are housed or penned.’
    • ‘The entire group watches the shoat cause its destruction.’
    • ‘No hogs must be left at large except a few shoats about the lot.’


Late Middle English of unknown origin; compare with West Flemish schote.