Meaning of shochet in English:


Pronunciation /ʃəʊˈxɛt/

nounplural noun shochetim/ˈʃɒkɛtɪm/ /ˈʃɒxɛtɪm/

  • A person officially certified as competent to kill cattle and poultry in the manner prescribed by Jewish law.

    ‘A shochet (ritual slaughterer) is responsible for covering the blood of the animal, so if someone else fulfills this mitzvah, then the shochet has been deprived.’
    • ‘This fellow was the shochet, the person in charge of providing kosher food, of the Jewish community in Shiraz where I once lived.’
    • ‘In a small European village, a shochet (ritual slaughterer) fetched some water to apply to his blade in the preparation process.’
    • ‘Finally a shochet is the man designated to perform ritual slaughter.’


Late 19th century from Hebrew šōḥēṭ ‘slaughtering’.