Meaning of shock-headed in English:




  • Having thick, shaggy, and unkempt hair.

    ‘In this sequel, he took off from a prologue featuring Byron and Mary Shelley discussing sequel possibilities before introducing the lonely creature's shock-headed bride.’
    • ‘At least as common are the Tibetans, the shock-headed long-coated little dogs which came to China during the Manchu dynasty as gifts from the grand lamas at Lhasa.’’
    • ‘Although now reduced to a shock-headed caricature, no one could ever dispute the musician's straight-ahead integrity and flair.’
    • ‘A shock-headed young man and three pale-green girls alone wandered among the pictures.’
    • ‘A shock-headed boy, breathless from running, flung himself into the room.’
    hairy, hirsute, bushy, thick, woolly, fleecy, long-haired, unshorn, uncut, shock-headed