Meaning of shock cord in English:

shock cord


mass noun
  • Heavy elasticated cord; bungee cord.

    as modifier ‘a trampoline fitted with shock cord elastic’
    • ‘undamped shock cords are use for suspension’
    • ‘Standard features include a rear foam bulkhead, deck hatch, and front-deck shock cord rigging.’
    • ‘Aluminum frames 1-m square, strung at 20-cm intervals with nylon shock cord, were placed over the lithic concentrations, oriented by cardinal directions.’
    • ‘Over 1100 square metres of ply, 2000 square metres shade cloth, 12,000 litres of paint and plaster, two kilometres of shock cord and 468 square metres of drapes was used in the construction.’
    • ‘Now you can assemble the frame for the last time, so this is the time to run the shock cord through as well.’
    • ‘Edie and the others followed, and watched as Viv greeted the pilot, apologizing for the problem while clearing the shock cords from the plane's landing gear.’