Meaning of shock horror! in English:

shock horror!


informal British
  • Used ironically to express that something is not surprising or upsetting.

    • ‘they got drunk—shock horror!’
    • ‘I don't recall one pink bike, but then as most bikes were passed down to the next child or—shock horror—shared, the colour needed to suit either gender.’
    • ‘Everyone was lovely and I actually had a good time (shock horror).’
    • ‘I managed to emerge with jeans that actually, shock horror, fit me and looked quite good.’
    • ‘I got to do the last few weeks of Year 6 where, shock horror, I discover that the book we are to read for English is none other than an old classic.’
    • ‘The detox queen has revealed that—shock horror—if she has more than a couple of glasses of wine when she gets home at night, she is liable to eat a whole bag of chocolates.’
    • ‘I ended up—shock horror—actually liking people from other clubs.’