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shock jock


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  • A disc jockey on a talk-radio show who expresses opinions in a deliberately offensive or provocative way.

    • ‘the shock jock was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 1989’
    • ‘This is a shock jock whose opinions are at odds with a media brand that prides itself on diversity.’
    • ‘The shock jock leaves the FM radio station today for satellite broadcast.’
    • ‘And the radio shock jock has built his career based on the government's repeated decision not to go after him for ‘indecency.’’
    • ‘Tonight, the shock jock has taken his show to satellite radio.’
    • ‘The shock jock's act is premised on greater honesty: I say the things everyone else is thinking, he says, and by daring to say them I am the more honest man.’
    • ‘Should the shock jock have lost his weekly cable show?’
    • ‘Podcasting has the makings of an audio version of the blog phenomenon, allowing anyone with a microphone and a PC to become a shock jock.’
    • ‘The Adelaide shock jock admits he broke the law - but he is back on air.’
    • ‘Not quite a shock jock, the rising star nevertheless made a virtue of brimming confidence and a big mouth.’
    • ‘He chose a shock jock as his mouthpiece because they have a licence to rant.’
    • ‘A syndicated shock jock radio team fired for a stunt two years ago has a new gig.’
    • ‘This ‘dinner from hell’ brings home for her the ‘reality that the shock jock ethic of AM radio was no longer simply a ratings game, but a party game.’’
    • ‘Are the shock jock fodder really pretending that Australia could not cope with thousands more refugees?’
    • ‘Having once been sued by a commercial radio shock jock, he is well across the various rules governing the conduct of licensed radio stations.’
    • ‘Last year the shock jock made a racist joke so offensive that he was fired from his job.’
    • ‘I have not been able to find a single left-leaning shock jock on British radio.’
    • ‘Red faces tonight for one Minister and her staff who sent some fanmail to the breakfast show shock jock, but sent it to the wrong radio station.’