Meaning of shock stall in English:

shock stall


mass noun
  • A marked increase in drag and a loss of lift and control on an aircraft approaching the speed of sound.

    ‘I think that was dreamed up to describe what became known as ‘shock stall.’’
    • ‘In the case of high speed aircraft, selection of mean twist was farther complicated by the need to avoid local shock stall at high speed.’
    • ‘The use of thin supercritical wing sections, low lift at operation point, and wing back sweep are among the most effective methods of postponing the shock stall to higher speeds.’
    • ‘As typical examples of these we may cite the use of flaps to give high lift, sweptback wings to avoid shock waves and shock stall, and boundary layer suction to reduce drag.’
    • ‘For this reason the effect is called shock stall.’