Meaning of shockie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃɒki/


informal Australian
  • A shock absorber on a motor vehicle.

    • ‘my exhaust is holed and my shockies are bruised’
    • ‘He was well equipped with everything we needed to get the wheel off, the tire fixed, and the shockies adjusted.’
    • ‘It was a black panel van, a Holden, and it was jacked up with air shockies.’
    • ‘As the gold was loaded, I heard the plate shockies of the Land Cruiser creak.’
    • ‘The shockies on the truck are bottoming as the band heads off for its first Sydney gig.’
    • ‘Might as well've got some bloody shockies while we were at it.’
    • ‘He'd fitted his with oversize rear springs and the best shockies.’


1970s shortening of shock absorber.