Meaning of shockumentary in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʃɒkjʊˈmɛnt(ə)ri/

nounplural noun shockumentaries

  • A documentary film or programme that deals with subjects such as death or violence in a graphic and often sensationalized way.

    ‘for those who relish every bloody detail, we now have shockumentaries’
    • ‘Is there a real shift here in political documentaries that are starting to become more like mockumentaries or shockumentaries.’
    • ‘The life and death of a 70s pop star is told as a bizarre shockumentary - with Barbie dolls standing in for actors.’
    • ‘But there is a humanity here, and a sense of humor, both of which are lacking from 99% of the later shockumentaries.’
    • ‘After the latest farce, there has been a national debate Stateside over the morality of reality-based so-called ‘shockumentaries’.’
    • ‘Other directors continued to mine the third world for shockumentary material, however.’


1970s blend of shock and documentary.