Meaning of shoemaking in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃuːmeɪkɪŋ/


See shoemaker

‘For example, a shoemaker would limit his activity to shoemaking.’
  • ‘A portion of the immigrants were skilled artisans who typically replicated their old-world crafts of shoemaking and repairing, tailoring, carpentry, and barbering.’
  • ‘In addition, job training and employment opportunities are being offered in various sectors such as shoemaking, furniture manufacturing and tourist goods production.’
  • ‘Things like carpentry, cooking, farming, tailoring and shoemaking were seeds for businesses that could be started at home and with little or no capital.’
  • ‘The in-kind payments included cords of wood, hauling hay, a hat, plowing, shoemaking, as well as wheat, flour, corn, and coffee.’
  • ‘Home ‘cottage’ industries include dressmaking, carpentry, and shoemaking.’
  • ‘It also has been noted that shoemaking was called ‘the gentle craft’ because it does not require much violent, physical exertion.’