Meaning of shogunate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃəʊɡʊnət/


See shogun

‘Yoritomo's kamakura shogunate was replaced in 1333 by the Ashikaga shogunate, but its rule was one of prolonged civil strife.’
  • ‘During the early part of the 17th century, Japan's shogunate suspected that the traders and missionaries were actually forerunners of a military conquest by European powers.’
  • ‘The Ashikaga military clan took control of the shogunate and moved its headquarters back to Kyoto, to the Muromachi district of the city.’
  • ‘The present temples were mostly reopened after the formation of the Tokugawa shogunate.’
  • ‘Day after day thousands of people die of confessing their loyalty to the Tokugawa shogunate.’
  • ‘By the way, the great master Hiroshige was the son of a fire warden in the service of the shogunate.’