Meaning of shongololo in English:



variant spelling of songololo
‘But it doesn't matter, I saw a shongololo and that was cool.’
  • ‘The number of legs touching the ground depends on the speed at which the shongololo needs to move.’
  • ‘It was the weirdest thing, the shongololo was crawling across the floor and when I touched it it curled into its typical little curl.’
  • ‘Mandy's formative years were spent in the velds and forests of the Northern Transvaal collecting shongololos and pulling the wings off insects.’
  • ‘The kids have also produced a range of beautiful, whimsical mobiles of chameleons, shongololos, birds, fish, stars and planets made out of junk and found objects.’
  • ‘She was fascinated by it, told anyone who was willing to listen, and abandoned her mission to seek and pry open shongololos.’