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  • 1 informal A fast-moving story or film of which gunfire is a dominant feature.

    • ‘And while the film may not have the excitement of your average shoot-'em-up action epic, this makes the most of its few action sequences, and makes them count.’
    • ‘Still, as in all good westerns, there are villains in abundance, damsels in distress and whiskey bars galore to hold your interest, although the shoot-'em-up action is nothing we haven't seen before.’
    • ‘I didn't want it to be an exciting shoot-'em-up action scene.’
    • ‘Today they were watching some foreign shoot-'em-up film, perhaps Italian.’
    • ‘Even more unreal than the all-action, shoot-'em-up film that distracted him for a couple of hours.’
    • ‘It takes you back to when shoot-'em-ups routinely boasted apocalyptic weaponry and waves of cannon fodder.’
    • ‘Access to gory shoot-'em-ups will soon be the least of parents' worries.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, this turns what should be a fun, spaghetti-western style space shoot-'em-up into a race for an open airlock door.’
    • ‘Suddenly, vapid sloganeering and shoot-'em-up thrillers have assumed pariah status.’
    • ‘Although an action cop thriller, this is no run-of-the-mill shoot-'em-up.’
    • ‘Here's a strikingly photographed, elaborately staged widescreen shoot-'em-up extravaganza that just so happens to take place in a world roughly 3 feet high.’
    • ‘There are no hidden messages or Oscar winning performances in the film - it's a simple shoot-'em-up western aimed squarely at the teenage market.’
    • ‘These suggest there's some great combat of wills to come, rather than the director's trademark fast-cutting, soundtrack-led shoot-'em-ups.’
    • ‘In the shoot-'em-up, the hero was a hired gunslinger.’
    • ‘One could be forgiven for anticipating something more momentous than a long shoot-'em-up followed by a glorified fistfight.’
    • ‘This is by no means a hyperkinetic shoot-'em-up but a slow meditation taking its own quiet time to set up its subject.’
    • ‘When money's involved expect ketchup on the pizza, only this isn't a Mafia movie, it's a homegrown robbers-and-robbers shoot-'em-up.’
    • ‘This shoot-'em-up is disjointed and disharmonious nonsense, when even the action sequences lack real energy and have little of the slick, expensive pyrotechnics of his previous efforts.’
    • ‘I was watching one of those shoot-'em-up westerns on TV just this morning.’
    • ‘I still haven't gotten around to watching it, because I don't care for shoot-'em-up pictures.’
    1. 1.1A simple video game in which the sole objective is to kill as many enemies as possible.
      ‘As computer games inch beyond shoot-'em-ups into the narrative territory of books and movies I wonder how far the medium can actually go.’
      • ‘The player can afford to saunter through the landscape, meandering at a more leisurely pace that would be possible in a competitive shoot-'em-up.’
      • ‘They deplore the way handguns are portrayed in popular television programs and have little time for computer shoot-'em-up games which, in their view, tend to glorify violence.’
      • ‘At night we will sleep at Kadyrov's compound in Gudermes, Chechnya's second city, near an annexe where off-duty militiamen play shoot-'em-up games on computers.’
      • ‘It is ideal for precision work (lining up enemies in shoot-'em-up games, for example) or for use with a laptop on the train.’
      • ‘Games fans can even enjoy shoot-'em-ups or adventures with sharp colour and nerve-jangling sound effects.’
      • ‘They are a combination of chess and shoot-'em-ups.’
      • ‘Like gunslingers in their own shoot-'em-up games, top console makers are blasting away with marketing salvoes months before products even hit the shelves.’
      • ‘The project took a new turn, and Green and his professor began recruiting keen players of the shoot-'em-up game from the university's campus.’
      • ‘But now the military's fresh faces can get a bit of the comforts of home - by wasting their pals in an online shoot-'em-up game.’
      • ‘He watches TV shows and movies, makes phone calls, surfs the Web and plays multiplayer shoot-'em-up games through his high-speed connection - often doing one or more activities at once.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, most shoot-'em-up games are so shallow that players gain no personal insight, according to the author.’
      • ‘When I play blood-soaked shoot-'em-up games, the vamped-up violence doesn't really bother me.’
      • ‘Some people think everything should emulate a computer game and be a fast-moving shoot-'em-up.’