Meaning of shoot-out in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃuːtaʊt/

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  • 1 informal A decisive gun battle.

    • ‘we had all got cap pistols for Christmas and gathered in Dr Hadley's backyard for a shoot-out’
    • ‘The movie is monotonous and dull, with lots of fiery explosions, perfunctory shoot-outs, and gory battles failing to generate any excitement.’
    • ‘A number of encounters and shoot-outs have been listed by media.’
    • ‘The battle, involving about 270 soldiers, resulted in a shoot-out lasting some 20 minutes.’
    • ‘The shoot-out at Ramsbottom Station was a re-enactment of the battle of Falaise, in northern France, during the second world war.’
    • ‘Minority Report features its share of shoot-outs, fights, and chase scenes, some of which are quite spectacular.’
    • ‘His character's primary trait is volatility, which is handy for saloon brawls and shoot-outs.’
    • ‘Oh yes, there were brawls, and shoot-outs every day at noon, except for Sunday.’
    • ‘They engage in a shoot-out with Vittorio who eventually runs out the back door.’
    • ‘Or people dying in any other way - war, bomb blasts, shoot-outs whatever…’
    • ‘They told police that a financial dispute between their husbands led to arguments that ended in the shoot-out.’
    • ‘I remember local TV covering fires, riots, quakes, floods, shoot-outs, and other plane crashes, and I won't say they were always models of restrained journalism.’
    • ‘These visceral shoot-outs, in buildings of super-realistic detail, are strung together by plot-development scenes in hand-drawn comic-strip style.’
    • ‘The film is fairly conventional in its execution, harking back to the westerns of everyone's youth with its evocative sunsets, campfire conversations and shoot-outs.’
    • ‘He thought it would win him extra respect in his neighbourhood, where murders, shoot-outs and drug deals were all part of life's rich tapestry.’
    • ‘There are no special-effects, no car chases or shoot-outs, just a touching, fascinating sense of humanity that left audiences spellbound.’
    • ‘Thanks to auto-aiming, the shoot-outs are even simpler.’
    fight, conflict, armed conflict, clash, struggle, skirmish, engagement, dogfight, affray, fray, encounter, confrontation
    1. 1.1Soccer A tiebreaker decided by each side taking a specified number of penalty kicks.
      ‘If the match is still level, a penalty shoot-out will decide who faces Sweden or Holland in the semi-final.’
      • ‘Has a goalkeeper even been sent off for a second yellow card during a penalty shoot-out?’
      • ‘That's not necessarily so when footballers walk the plank in a penalty shoot-out.’
      • ‘A shattered Bradford side lost the penalty shoot-out and had to settle for the runners-up trophy.’
      • ‘If nobody scores then, there'll be a penalty shoot-out.’
      • ‘That triumph also came after a penalty shoot-out, and was made all the more remarkable by the fact that it was achieved in the Roman's own home stadium.’
      • ‘The only certainty when it comes to a penalty shoot-out is that it will, for someone, be ‘me’.’
      • ‘As the sides were level at the end of extra-time a penalty shoot-out was required to decide the outcome.’
      • ‘The referee blows for full time and it's time for a penalty shoot-out.’
      • ‘Both teams look like they're happy to have a penalty shoot-out to see who has the honour of losing to Italy in the next round.’
      • ‘Having said that it may offer us a little advantage if the game goes into extra time or there is a penalty shoot-out.’
      • ‘As an excuse, it did little to explain why England seem cursed never to win a penalty shoot-out.’
      • ‘As the host nation, the one thing you don't want to be involved in is a penalty shoot-out.’
      • ‘The teams could not be separated over the two legs and it all came down to a penalty shoot-out.’
      • ‘Two of the other three quarter-finals also required a result to be decided by a penalty shoot-out.’
      • ‘They also endured a five-a-side match and a penalty shoot-out.’
      • ‘But City's hopes of winning their own centenary tournament foundered on a penalty shoot-out yesterday.’
      • ‘With the two teams still locked in a goalless stalemate at the end of extra-time, the game was decided by a penalty shoot-out.’
      • ‘And every time an England player misses in a decisive shoot-out at a major championship the pressure on the next set of players to step up for their country becomes even greater.’
      • ‘In the past I've won competitions on shoot-outs but now I know what it's like to lose one.’