Meaning of shoot from the hip in English:

shoot from the hip


  • React without careful consideration of one's words or actions.

    • ‘he is shooting from the hip in an act of political desperation’
    • ‘He doesn't shoot from the hip but takes a more considered approach and would rather explain to people why he holds the views he holds than intimidate them to his point of view.’
    • ‘Elaine shot from the hip, which often got her into hot water but she is a huge loss.’
    • ‘With that in mind, I have shot from the hip and dared people to respond.’
    • ‘He shoots from the hip, is amusing and mostly correct.’
    • ‘Though not averse to speaking out on a range of controversial subjects, Mahathir rarely just shoots from the hip.’
    • ‘That's the good hard - nosed view, typical of the minister who prides himself as a man who shoots from the hip.’
    • ‘In the book he shoots from the hip and rides roughshod over reputations, holding a modicum of his once monumental power and relishing it.’
    • ‘To some he is difficult to take seriously, and he may come across as the sort who shoots from the hip with little thought for the consequences.’
    • ‘I know that she shoots from the hip and is liable to provoke righteous indignation.’
    • ‘He is a competitive guy who shoots from the hip and commands huge respect from his players.’