Meaning of shoot hoops in English:

shoot hoops


informal US
  • Play basketball.

    • ‘he'd rather play golf or shoot hoops than work’
    • ‘Young basketball players can shoot hoops to their hearts' content at this year's Yorkshire International Basketball Camp.’
    • ‘He took the basketball from the garage and began to shoot hoops.’
    • ‘Being home was better than being at school; at home I could mess around in my front yard and shoot hoops.’
    • ‘Most important, get out there yourself - shoot hoops, play catch, roller-skate or learn to snowboard together.’
    • ‘She used to lift weights and shoot hoops with her father, but today running, yoga and a vegan diet help keep her grounded and fit while touring the world.’
    • ‘Then we'd head out onto the driveway and shoot hoops until lunch.’
    • ‘I had called my oldest friend, Zack, earlier to see if he wanted to go down the park and shoot hoops or something.’
    • ‘Before he was famous, Nick and I used to shoot hoops together quite a bit.’
    • ‘Stella watched them shoot hoops for a while before remembering something.’
    • ‘They were watching a dark-haired girl shoot hoops and catch rebounds with her eyes closed.’